Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

Lipsticks are something in my makeup bag that will never date and I will never get bored of. I don't have a massive mound of a collection like I'm sure some of you girls do- but what I do have is enough to experiment and mess around with. Oh, and enough to choose my favourite three for this season!

Revlon -10 Wine me Not | Rimmel Moisture Renew - 470 Glam Plum | Rimmel Kate Moss - 107

The first is one from the Rimmel Matte Kate Moss collection. It's a really lovely colour and consistency. I sometimes find that some matte lipsticks drag when applying them, and go crusty after about five minutes of wear, but this is pretty much perfect! It lasts for ages, keeps it's colour and would suit pretty much any skin tone or hair colour. I bought this when in a bit of an experimental mood shall I say and thought it would look ridiculous on me even though the colour is lush. However, I was pleasantly surprised and this is one of my staple colours for this season! 

This one was a bit of an unusual buy for me. Now looking back on my pessimistic view (dramatic-maybe?) on why I didn't think I would like this, I feel as though I was bonkers. I'm not normally one to draw myself towards lipsticks that seem glossy and neither will I buy lipsticks as I remember watching an advert a few years ago and the models lips looked like slugs with the amount of 'glossy lip product' on them. That image has forever scared me. However, I feel this whim of a purchase is had made this terrifying image leave my mind! Without holding back, I expected this product to be very greasy, look gloopy and overly glossy. But, it's nothing like this at all and really pleasantly surprised me! It's a bit glossy yes but no where near what I anticipate with an image of overly exaggerated glossy lips in my head. Basically, to stop the rambling, I love the colour, I was happily surprised when I didn't look like I had two slugs for lips and I wear it an awwful lot!

Aaah, and finally Revlon's 'Wine me Not'. I saw this on a blog once, absolutely loved the colour and searched everywhere I could find as it had been discontinued. This resulted to me going on eBay and buying a brand new and sealed (for those of you that are likely to freak out) lipstick and oh my goodness I haven't been able to put it down since. Revlon, why oh why did you discontinue? It's matte, which we've all figured out from this rambly blog post that I love, it's the perfect colour for autumn winter and there isn't much more I can say really!

Thanks ever so much for reading guys and look out for more blogposts now I'm getting back into the swing of things!

Take care and much love


  1. I've got the kate moss one too, I love it so much! Love, Eve


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