Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bronzing Rocks

Hello again!
Bronzers are without a doubt a big gaping missing hole in my make up collection. Although there isn't a 'made-up' day that goes by where I don't wear a bronzer, I only have three and use two on a regular basis. I don't know why, but they're just not something that greatly excites me or something I go out specifically looking to try different types or brands. I think the main reason is that I've come across many bronzers in the past that, frankly, are just not up to scratch! I don't want to spend money on something that makes my cheeks look like I've rolled in cheesy Doritos.

However, when I came across this on the Boots website, the packaging was something that grabbed me instantly (along with the fact that I used to love squashing my mums bronzing pearls as a child). Like many others, it reminded me of the St. Tropez bronzing rocks that come with a much heftier price tag than these lovely things. They come with a small sponge, which I guess is there to both stop the rocks crushing in transport and possibly an applicator? Although I don't think I'd be comfortable in using it. I think it looks sleek with the square, sharp and simple look to it. As I said, you can buy these bronzing rocks from Boots for as little as £4.99! 

Their shape is something a little different from your average Joe bronzing pearls and I find that the shape being rock-like helps the colour transfer better onto your brush. It blends well into the skin and goes perfectly with my contour colour, I think anyway!

The fact that it's got a rosy pink makes the colour a lot more natural (Ok, ok I did accidently pack a bit too much on when applying, I was just loving the new product so much! Haha). 

All in all, I think this is a great bronzer, definitely a build able application which I think makes it great for paler skin tones as well as the rose rock in it too.

 Have you tried this bronzer? What did you think? Are there any bronzers you can recommend for me to try? 

As always, thanks for reading ladies!


  1. You look amazing in that picture!
    I have hardly any bronzers too, they just don't excite me to buy them. I went through a phase a couple of months ago without wearing it at all, but I'm getting into using them again now.
    I really want these just because they're so pretty... xx

    1. Aw bless ya, thanks! Same with me! I think the summer and holidays gets you more into wearing it for that 'sunkissed glow'. They are very pretty! xx


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