Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Weekly Wishlist

1. Thin Knit Jumper | New Look | £14.99
2. Palm Leaf Jeans | Motel Rocks| £48.00
3. Lipstick and Gloss | Superdrug | Look Makeup- Red alert | £8.00
4. Barry M | Superdrug | Mint Green Polish | £2.99
5. Gold Tone Watch | River Island | £25.00
6. Platform Sandals | Internationale | £27.99
7. Double Zip Tote | New Look | £19.99

I'm back again, with another Weekly Wishlist! I enjoy doing these posts as for some reason I tend to look at things and piece together outfits in my head that I wouldn't normally give much thought about. I think this is probably because I only tend to do online shopping when I know EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I'm more of a browser online than a buyer. (Apart from eBay, but that's a complete different story all together).

So first on the list, a grey 3/4 sleeved jumper. I know this seems boring, but grey is so versatile and jumpers are too. I love the autumn months and can imagine this with black jeans and a white studded collar shirt underneath or under a black leather jacket and scarf in the colder months. A realistic wishlist number- for once?

 I'm quite surprised I like the Motel jeans actually, but they can be dressed up or down, with heels on a night out with a floaty vest top or dressed down with a jumper (can you tell I love jumpers yet?) or a shirt.

I've only got two of Looks nail varnish's (or 'Nail Pop' as they call them) and just trying these has made me intrigued to try more of their range. This lipstick looks quite interesting, as the lipstick is matte, which I love the look of, and I think the gloss on top of  this colour would look great too. And that's quite something for me to say as I can't really stand lipgloss, but definitely something I'm willing to try out more!

Barry M nail varnish, what more can I say really? I could almost guarantee everyone has one in their collection, they're affordable with a good range of colours (although they may not tend to last particularly long).

This watch just reminds me of a watch of the Michael Kors variety. I would love to own a real Michael Cors  watch, but if you cant afford one you always know you can find similar on the high-street, eh?

The heels are absolutely gorgeous and a 'knock-off' of Jeffery Campbells. I must admit, regrettably, that I probably wouldn't wear them as I'm not the biggest fan of peep toes on myself, but they are something very special! Lets just leave it at that before I get carried away...

Finally the bag. This sort of style with the chain has been round for a while now, and to be honest I thought I had grown to hate it long ago,this re-kindles my love for the style. I'm not entirely sure what it is, probably the double zip and the fact it's not with the typical diamond shapped padding either.

Anyway ladies, essay over!
I hope you've had a lovely weekend, as delayed as that may be and I hope you're not finding it too hard not to empty your bank accounts doing your own weekly wishlists!

Thanks for reading!


  1. this is succh a good wishlist. will defintely be keeping my eyes open for the shoes and jeans xx

    1. I think the shoes and jeans are my favourites too!xx

  2. Ah I want it all! So perfect! Xx

    1. If only our bank balances would be a bit forgiving, aye? aha xx


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