Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Weekly Wishlist

1.  Spike Pendant Necklace | Newlook | £6.99
2. Cut Out Maxi Dress | Miss Guided | £17.99
3. Lace Insert Tunic | Miss Selfridge | £32.00
4. Camo Jacket | Ark | £29.99
5. Bow Ankle Wellies | New Look | £37.99
6. Zig-Zag Rings | ASOS | £10.00
7. Leather Studded Bag | Topshop | £85.00

Another Weekly Wishlist again!

The first thing I can say about this wishlist is... how ANNOYING is it that Primark doesn't have a proper website? I took a trip there at the weekend (with limited funds as always) and there was so so many things I neeeded to have, but couldnt :( Primark, if you're out there, get your website sorted! Haha.

Anyway, lets get right into it instead of an unnecessary and boring intro!

Firstly the spike necklace, something which can make any plain out boring outfit stand out that little bit more and become a bit more exciting. Plus, if you haven't noticed I have a thing for dark colours and studded clothing and accessories.

This cut out maxi dress I think is just stunning and such a great price. Probably two wishes in one, obviously the first of having the dress but secondly being able to have the figure to pull this one off! I can say that I love it but I doubt very much I'd be brave enough to wear it! Anyway, such a chic yet simple dress which would be great for looking that bit more classy on a night out, but still showing a whooole lotta flesh haha.

Miss Selfridge is somewhere that I think gets skimmed over a lot, but they always have something in there that I like! This jumper looks so cosy and comfy to wear and could easily be worn with black tights or black skinnies with black ankle boots.

Everyone and their mother has a jacket in this style, but I still really want one. Again, something to jazz up a boring outfit, can just be thrown on over anything making it easy, yet effective ;) haha.

I'm jealous of anyone going to a festival this year, so so jealous! And one thing that's making me even more jealous (yes I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous) but I keep seeing so many nice wellies everywhere? I feel like just buying a pair to wear everyday but I'm sure that wouldn't go down too well with people in my 'local area'. Now I wouldn't pay nearly £40 for a pair of little wellies unless I won millions on the lottery- yes I am really that much of a tight arse.. but I thought I'd just pop these on here as one of the pieces that's well outta my league!

I just love zig zags, intertwining rings and wearing different kinds of metal. Cant really say much else I dont think?

Lastly, I need a new bag soooo badly! Although, as you'd probably guess, I wouldn't pay this much for a bag, but one can wish on such a splendid item!

Sorry for the rubbish posting recently, I've had such a busy weekend! And on Thursday I'm off to Turkey for two weeks, so I'm going to try and get a few posts sorted out for then if I have time- Sorry if not! (There will be plenty more when I get back!)


  1. That bag is so so nice, there's a similar one in H&M I'm tempted to get!

    Chloe x

    1. Ooh thanks for the heads up, I may have to check it out!x

  2. seriously want that maxi dress and the cameo jacket! :) x


  3. Love that black dress! Anything with a cut out is cool!

  4. greeeeat wishlist, the black cut out dress and this amazing leather bag are definitely my favies :-)


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