Thursday, 4 July 2013

£5 Dress Event at Matalan?!

Yesterday I thought I'd have a brief browse on the Matalan website and see what hidden gems I could find. A lot of people refer to Matalan as a bit of an old fogey shop, which probably was it's reputation a good decade or so ago. However, I see it as one of those shops that copies the likes of Topshop and Miss Selfridge (like pretty much every high street stores do), but Matalan seem to get it right pretty much every time and always with a low price.

Anyway, as I was mooching through the dresses, I noticed that from today until Sunday 7th July you can nab yourself some dresses at only a fiver each! (Like what they did there- always looking at other brands for inspiration- Ahem *Motel Rocks*). If I'm honest, I didn't think they would be worth a look at first, assuming they'd be the worst of the bunch, but I was pleasantly surprised!

I thought I'd show you my favourite dresses from the deal and show you how I'd wear them... In an ideal world if I wasn't a student and money was no object. I hope you like!

Click the picture for a direct link to the site.

Dress | Matalan
Boots | Miss Guided
Jacket | Boohoo
Skull Ring | ASOS
Cross Ring | ASOS
Belt | New Look

This dress is definitely my favourite and there is no chance I'm seeing this amazing offer through without getting my hands on this! Classic me, pairing everything with black, but it can't be helped with some of us- aye! 
I have been on the look out for boots like this for yonks! Just without the hefty price tag that some of them come with. Now Miss Guided have got them, I may have to treat myself! Although I'm sure if Miss Guided have them Primark will be soon to follow!
I love the look of black red and silver jewellery together, and I think this outfit would be perfect for piling up the silver rings.

Dress | Matalan
Necklace | Topshop
Cardigan | Internationale
Ring | Topshop 

This polka dot skater dress can probably be found in any shop, but who can blame them for being everywhere? They're so cute! And with the monochrome colours, the possibilities are endless as to what you could wear this with! 
I paired it with this teal cardigan from Internationale which is also only £5. I thought it would also look great with a plain coloured Kimono, but none of them particularly caught my eye. 
I thought with this look gold jewellery would work a treat, and kept it simple with only one ring but a big chunky gold chain.

 Dress | Matalan
Cardigan | Miss Guided
Boots | New Look
Necklace | ASOS
Sunglasses | ASOS

This skater Midi is my next favourite. I think it's a nice change to see a midi dress that's so tight it's squishing your insides out! (Maybe I'm just a little jealous of the people that can wear them).
Anyway, although neutral dresses can be fairly boring, they're so adaptable and can be layered so easily. Here, I paired it with this tie dye cardigan from Miss Guided. On a recent trip to Urban Outfitters there was a cardigan very similar to this for £70 and I fell in love with it but I couldn't justify spending the money- I think this well may be the next best thing!
The little necklace from ASOS I love, I think it's so cute and dainty but can make such an impact on an outfit.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, it's something a little different to what I usually do.
Do you like me rummaging online and making outfit posts? 
Should I do more outfit posts on current deals/ offers?
Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


  1. How funny, I actually have a few things from Matalan though I understand it's typically not the trendiest of stores. Based on your picks it seems like they have some good stuff though!

    xo, alison*elle

    1. I know! Its a shame people look down on it because I almost always find something I love in there! Xx


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