Monday, 27 October 2014

Lush Bath Bombs - Mini Haul

I must admit, I have never really shown much of an interest in Lush. (Please don't let this be a queue for you to stop reading, you avid Lush fans!) When I moved to uni and finally had one round the corner to me, you'd have thought that I'd live in it like I managed to with other shops such as Primark, Topshop, H&M, Boots... I'm sure you get the picture!

I think only a couple of months ago I tried my first bath bomb from there, bought for me by one of my lovely friends and since then and getting back into blogging I feel a lot more interested in trying products from the brand. 

So today when walking into Lush in Tribunal, Madrid, I found it pretty daunting when trying to understand what all the products were because I'm the worst international student and can't understand Spanish.

So, I thought the easiest and probably the most fun thing for me to try was the bath bombs. I went straight over to them and felt slightly overwhelmed by the stacks of amazing smelling glittery and powdery shapes. I sadly had to limit myself and so I picked these three up...

Space Girl | €3.40 | £2.35
I felt like I had read about this product previously, or at least seen/heard people raving about it. It smells all yummy and fruity and the glitter is a really cut touch. (I'm sort of hoping, though, that I won't come out the bath covered in red glitter, I need some reassurance on this one guys?!) It also has popping candy that is supposed to fizzle when you drop it into the bath... sounds exciting!

Butterbear | €3.95 | £1.95

I couldn't resist picking up this friendly little chap. I'm not even sure how to put the smell other than clean. The smell just reminds me of vanilla hand creams, and moisturisers. Lets go with that shall we! Anyway, it has cocoa butter which I'm sure will leave my skin feeling silky smooth and fresh!

So White | €4.95 | £3.50

One of their Christmas bath bombs, a white outside with what looks like a cheeky pink centre trying not to peep out. It smells floral, really refreshing but also soft and delicate. This one, as far as I can tell without using them,  is my favourite. I like that it isn't too fussy looking like some of their others and I think the sweet smell will be really calming. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and you may see a review on them in an 'empties' post some time soon, maybe?

What's your favourite Lush products? Is there anything you can recommend to a newbie like me?

I really hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope you look forward to the next post as much as I do!

Sam xx


  1. I really want to try the So White one it sounds fab!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Why not, go for it! :) I can't wait to give it a try! xx

  2. I can appreciate what you mean by being overwhelmed when stepping into a Lush store. I'm constantly having to reign it in because I want to smell everything as well as try everything haha. Especially because I'm a sucker for scents ..

    So White sounds amazing, but sadly I haven't seen that in any of the Lush stores where I'm from :( but then again Australia tends to be a bit delayed with trends haha.

    Personally my favourites would have to be the coal face cleanser bar simply because it gets rid of excess oils & it leaves my skin feeling cleaner once I've finished using it as well as the rockstar soap because of the scent. Every time I hop out of the shower after using it I literally smell like candy haha.

    1. That's a shame about So White! I hope it pops up soon for you haha. I have been thinking that my next step may have to be a face product or shower gel, so maybe I'll give these a go! Thanks for the recommendations, I'll report back if I manage to understand any of the Spanish labels haha.

  3. Lush is my favorite place ever for bath bombs! They smell and feel amazing. I loved space bar when I tried it- but my favorite is the butterball because it made me feel so refreshed and my skin felt so smooth and clean. Lovely haul! I'm your newest follower :)

    Feel free to pop by and say hello:

    1. I think I may have seen that one in store.... Uh oh I can already see what's happening here. I must try everything! Haha xx

  4. i've never tried the bath bombs as i don't take baths, but i love their face masks & cleansers

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

    1. Ooh I bet their face masks are amazing! xx

  5. They're lovely aren't they? x

  6. I love lush, lush is such a dream <3


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