Friday, 28 November 2014



You may have noticed that I have mentioned more than a couple of times in recent posts and on Twitter that I am off to Bremen tomorrow evening for a festive (and probably really cold) couple of days. I can't wait to spend a couple of days with my Boyfriend in a real German market to get us ready for the festive season!

Anyway, I thought this would be the ideal opportunity for me to post the most important bits i'm taking with me- clothes and makeup!  I hope it's of interest to some of you at least, I just love being nosey so I figured some of you will too- haha :) Plus, it was a struggle for me to pack for only hand luggage!

Ok so my Passport is a bit of an obvious one but if I don't take it with me then I ain't goin' no where!
This is what I'm wearing on the journey there, my black River Island boots, one of my most recent and favourite purchases (as you will know from my last post), a checked shirt, a baggy black jumper from Primark (€10) and my trust black H&M (€19.99) leggings that I live in! Comfort is definitely needed when travelling!

Next the outfits! I know, there isn't a lot. That makes me sad, too and to be honest it looks pretty pathetic in this picture! Haha. My roll neck jumper also from Primark (€10), mint sweatshirt from ASOS, black jeans and a stripey top to wear underneath a jumper so when I'm boiling in a cafe I won't look ridiculously in a vest top!

Next my accessories. I opted for fingerless gloves not only because my hands are too long to fit in cute and dainty womens gloves but also because I have the hope of filming and taking some pictures to get back into the swing of my course, so fingerless gloves will make it easier for me to control my camera. A belt because my jeans annoyingly stretched as soon as I took the labels off, a hair turban which I'm still not sure on but they look great on others and finally this beanie from Primark (can you see a pattern occurring? Oops!) I never wear pink but I thought the gems could be really toughened up with a dark lippy!

 And finally, the makeup! I'm quite sad at the lack here and I've noticed there's a couple of things I'm missing.. poweder for example. Good job I did this post so I can review what else I've forgotten! I have plenty of dark and red lipsticks to choose from, I'm obsessed at the moment! I have always thought these travel bottles are a waste of time however as we're only going for a couple of days there's no point in buying products when we get there to only throw the majority of it away!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, a little bit of a different one and I am sure I will have plenty of posts following this about my trip. 

Do you struggle to pack things in hand luggage, or are you an organised packing Queen?

Thanks for reading!

¡Hasta Luego!

Sam xx


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  3. Aw, what a pretty beanie! You have a really pretty wardrobe and great style. Xx

  4. This post was really helpful, I never know what to pack when I'm going away! x

    1. I'm glad it helped you! I did forget a few bits and didn't realise once I was there though, oops! xx

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