Monday, 1 December 2014


So it's the first of December and I know now I'm (unfortunately) getting older but as much as I do love Christmas, I don't get anywhere near excited about it as I used to. I thought I would compile a little list to aid you and myself on getting the warm and fuzzy feeling that Christmas is coming!

1. Make a Christmas List
I'm pretty sure everyone in the blogging world has had a Christmas list ready for weeks, but if you're like me and have the every year struggle of finding things that you would be happy to receive as a gift, making a Christmas list can be quite a frustration, either because you want everything or nothing at all!
Browsing the internet and looking at all the pretty gift sets and clothes doesn't only help to make your decision but helps to find gifts for loved ones. Win, win situation!

2. Decorate Your House!
Whether you have a house or flat to yourself, you live with your family or you're in a shared house it's always fun to decorate the space you have! I am currently in a student home and everyone is really keen to decorate, but at the moment it seems like we're having a competition in our bedrooms, you wouldn't believe the amount of fairy lights in the boys rooms! Adding a bit of sparkle to a room not only brightens it up but makes it feel like that special time of the year.

3. Go to a Christmas Market
There are Christmas markets all over the globe and in the UK I know we have our fair share. I've only been to Winter Wonderland in London and the German Market in Birmingham and enjoyed the scrummy hot dogs, the HUGE beers and the yummy hot chocolate. I've heard that Manchester's market is the best in England (and supposedly on the same level as Brussels).
If you fancy a venture outside the UK however, there are plenty of places to go! I'm currently in Bremen, Germany but the list is endless.
Alcohol and food aside, just having a wander through them is great, with lots of cute Christmas gifts and trinkets and even just seeing thousands of people all wrapped up warm and having fun makes it feel like Christmas.

4. Have a Christmas Film Night
Watching Christmas films has got to be one of my favourite things. Whether I invite the girls round, watch with my family or have a cosy night in with my boyfriend, I can never get enough of them. They make everyone happy and if you invite a group of friends over, I bet everyone has a different favourite movie! You could go on for hours and probably days watching them and I would never get bored.
My favourites are The Grinch, Polar Express and Elf. What are yours?

5. Get on the Tipple
Well, I should probably say invite the friends and family over but (if you're 18+) we all know it's a great excuse to get the wine and vodka out. It would be great to get out a bottle of wine whilst watching Christmas films with the girls, or whilst doing some Christmas baking with them. Or, if you just fancy a quiet night in, maybe swapping Christmas presents then why not create some Christmas cocktails? Not only will they be really yummy and add a festive touch to your night in, but I'm sure your guests will be very impressed! Here's a tutorial video if you fancy a go yourself!

I hope this list has helped you to get on your festive merry way! I can't wait for Christmas this year, although I still have a lot of buying to do! Men are just the hardest to buy for aren't they?! 

¡Hasta Luego!
Sam xx


  1. I cant wait to decorate! We went to asda today to get a tree but the one we wanted is out of stock:( cant wait till ours arrives in the mail!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. im so excited to decorate too. I live in Leeds and theres a beautiful little Christmas market there - I haven't been yet but I went last year and it was so pretty!
    please come check out my blog

  3. I love christmas markets! Need to plan to go to one this year!
    p.s. got your button up and running on my blog :) xx

  4. Great tips for getting festive, I'm thinking the ones I'm most likely to combine are alcohol and christmas films <3

    // xx

  5. Great post

    Love Vikee

  6. This is such a wonderful list...I feel like I haven't been in the Christmas spirt lately, but reading this post I now want to make it a priority!

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  9. I really like doing all of these things. I have to watch some Christmas films. Great post.


  10. I like doing all these things, especially the christmas wishlist xx

  11. Interesting post! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? Let me know at my blog. Keep in touch!

    With Love,
    Shikin Kikin
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  12. nice recommendations, xx

  13. Nice post!


  14. I think decorating your house and watching Christmas movies are the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit - love these tips!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  15. Loved this girl! I always try to do these sort of things to get me in the Christmas spirit. I've yet to visit a Christmas market!


  16. Great ideas!Merry Christmas sweetheart <3


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