Monday, 29 December 2014


I was kindly sent some glasses by the company 'Firmoo', an American based online glasses retailer that sell prescription glasses, sunglasses and even fashion glasses. Seeing as I don't actually wear prescription glasses, I thought I would go for a pair for 'fashion reasons only', as I thought they would make casual outfits a bit more playful and preppy. I chose a tortoise shell pair, as I can't seem to shake off my love for this look when on the hunt for sunglasses, and I think it's a pretty chic pattern!

One thing that crossed my mind and worried me a little was 'how on earth am I supposed to know what suits me just from pictures of the frames?' This is one reason why I will never ever buy sunglasses from places like ASOS, simply because 9 times out of 10 if I try on sunglasses I look like a totally ridiculous. Ask my friends and my Boyfriend, they will tell you that nothing suits my head haha. Anyway, Firmoo's website does actually have a brilliant feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and view some of their frames as if you were wearing them, so handy and definitely something other retailers should try and take under their wing!


The glasses arrived extremely quickly considering they were travelling from American to Madrid, I'm pretty sure I got them within a week so first of all, very impressive shipping speed. In the little package was a glasses case that the glasses were in wrapped in a little cleaning cloth (which I didn't expect at all) as well as a soft draw string type case and a small screw driver to tighten bits up if needs be. The hard case is so cute and right up my street with the World map!

The glasses themselves are great. Seeing as they're only a fashion pair I didn't expect them to be anywhere near as comfortable as they are. I wore them all day and after an hour or so of adjusting to the fact that I was wearing glasses, I completely forgot they were on because of their light weight and comfort on the ears. The frame structure is great, they open and close with ease and the appearance and quality of them is a lot better than I expected!

And here is me in the glasses! I'm really happy with them and will definitely be integrating them into my outfits in the future. I remember when I was really little I used to envy people that wore glasses... and even went as far trying to pretend to the opticians that I needed glasses. Needless to say he didn't believe me, but that was how desperate I was at the age of 7 to get myself a pair of my own glasses, and now look at me, I have my own pair! I am definitely moving on up in the world!

If you are interested in looking at these glasses the link is here. They also have an offer on at the moment where you can nab 30% off full price frames at

I hope you enjoyed my post, hopefully plenty of outfit posts with these to come!

!Hasta Luego!

Sam xx


  1. I really like them glasses, they suit you well too!

    Abbey xo |

  2. The glasses look gorgeous on you! Light weight ones are always so nice to wear, we don't want the ones that are too thick and troublesome. Great post!


  3. Wow! The glasses are super fab and suits you well. Great shade of red lipstick, too. Mind if I ask what brand?

  4. Awesome review! The glasses look great on you. Happy new year ♥

  5. Fabulous

    Love Vikee

  6. These glasses look good on you! Love the tortoise frame!

    Life of Jana

  7. Those glasses are great and so cute! Sometimes I wish I had glasses just for an extra accessory haha.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  8. These glasses look amazing on you!! xx

    Abi |

  9. Great post, these glasses really suit you :) I have a pair just like these, but I have to wear them for reading oh.. haha


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