Tuesday, 24 March 2015


In true blogger style I'm sat in Starbucks writing this well over due post with the biggest mug of hot chocolate I have ever set my eyes on. (I can't quite deal with the stereotypical latte's and mocha's, I'm no where near that stage of adult hood yet). Oh, also listening to a 'Throwback Thursday' playlist on Spotify that I cannot get enough of at the moment!

I seem to have a habit of disappearing off the face of the Earth for a while, don't I? I'm heading back to England on Thursday after all my deadlines are done tomorrow (HOORAY!) for a couple of days, and when I return don't think you'll be getting rid of me as easily as you have been already! I've got plenty of posts lined up, including some from trips I have been on recently!


Cardigan - ASOS | Top - New Look | Jeans - H&M | Shoes - Primark | Bag - Bershka  

This is one of those bog- standard outfits that I just can't get enough of at the moment. I have been after a long cardigan for so long, and after finding this in the ASOS sale a couple of months ago I now wear it whenever I possibly can. The ripped jeans I also found in the sale but this time H&M. They're a little on the short side (tall girl problems) but seeing as the hems are ripped and frayed I think it works quite well. 

The dolly shoes are from Primark. I haven't had the best wear out of them as they're starting to fall apart already and I've only worn them a handful of times, but at the price of €5 a pair I'm happy to replace them a couple of times, purely because I love the style of leopard print!

I'll be honest with the sunglasses- I'm still not 100% sure on them, but finding a pair that actually suit my face is a mission that I'm just not willing to undertake at the moment. It requires a lot of effort and patience that I just do not have on that front!

What are your staple pieces at the moment, and have you finally got hold of that one piece you have been longing for?

¡Hasta Luego!

Sam xx


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  2. If I could remember to click the notification box when I comment the first time it would save a lot of stress, dangit!
    I know exactly what you mean with the sunglasses problem! I can look at a pair for 10 minutes and think they look alright, but not "just right", if that makes sense. I am excited to see more posts on your travels, those are my favorite :).


  3. Great look. Love those shoes; so cute. And great to see you back in the blogging game :-) x

  4. Love this outfit, especially the ripped jeans!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  5. You look beautiful

    Love Vikee

  6. What a great black ensemble. That cardigan looks glorious. Also lovin' your sunnies.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  7. This long cardi is amazing! I have been looking for one for ages. Your Starbucks blogging lifestyle sounds like such luxury. I'd always feel funny editing a post in a public place, I'd be concerned everyone would think I was very vain!

    Em x


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