Thursday, 19 July 2012

Photo Flawless & Super Shock

Recently I've been on the hunt for new mascara's, as one of my everyday mascaras kindly decided to dry up and the other seems to have not liked being in my presence and has gone walkies (in my little Sister's bedroom, no doubt).  But anyway, because I like to try out new mascaras and build different ones to try and create the long and voluminous lashes to fill your hearts content, I was on the prowl for two new mascaras that I had never tried before.

So the first one I picked up was from Boots' '17' range- Photo Flawless Lashes in 'Black Copper'. Both of my old mascaras were from the same range (Peep Show and Wild Curls) and I absolutely loved the two together, so I picked up this new one in the hope that it would do the same job! The only annoying thing about 17 mascaras is that they're all wrapped up in plastic and in my boots branch (I'm not sure if it's the same case in all of them?) but they don't have samples! I had remembered seeing this on another blog a while back though and thought I'd give it a try!

The first thing I noticed when I got it home was the big curvature of the brush, which I honestly didn't remember it being so big. Now, I know wands like this work perfectly fine on other people, but with my eyes being quite small, I find that it's quite hard to apply and I end up with black 'mascara freckles' around my eyes. It claims to be an 'intense black with a twist of pearlescent colour to brighten eyes.' This I did notice, as it made my eyes look a lot brighter. I find it definitely adds volume to your lashes- although a bit clumpy in places too, but not so much length.

Doing a quick shop in Sainsbury's with my Mum, I had a browse at the magazines, and it was as if Marie Claire were telepathically shouting at me to look at their magazine. There was piles upon piles of their August edition, which, luckily for me, offered a free Avon mascara as a free gift. There were three to choose from, all worth ten pounds and I chose the Super Shock Max, as it's supposed to be lengthening. And lengthening it is! The brush again, is quite big but the wands tiny rubbery spikes (sorry, awful at describing haha) really get to each eyelash and make them look loooong!

So all in all, although the first mascara seemed to disappoint a tad on it's own, I think the pair are a great duo and complement each other brilliantly, with the thick volume from one and the forever lengthening of the other. 

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What free gifts have you got in magazines recently? There seems to be loads of good freebies floating around at the minute!

Thanks for reading :)

Sam xx


  1. I've never tried a mascara with a curved wand, I always stick to the traditional bristle wand thats served me so well for so many years. If you're looking for more to try, my go-to is Volume Million by L'Oreal, amazing lashes with no clumps :)


  2. I find they often dont work too well on me, so maybe I should give that one a try! I've heard a lot of good things about it actually :) xx

  3. i usually find that a curvy wand works better than a straight one! :) xx

    1. Oh really? Maybe I should experiment with different ones and see whats what :) aha xx

  4. I've found the perfect Mascara in Maxfactor False Lash Effect. It's £11 though :( I recommend going for plastic wands to avoid clumping, they seem to grab every little lash too! xx

    1. I have found that plastic wands are a lot better! Ooh maybe I could try that one out when I get paid! aha xx


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