Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nails: Electric Lines

My first nail post- woo!
This is a first for a design like this for me. Usually I use nail art brushes for different patterns,but today I grabbed some masking tape (after Mum's precise 'freshening up' of the living room at the weekend) and pretty much made this one up as I went along. So, if you're interested in how I did this then have a butchers below!

What I used: Rimmel Lasting Finish: 080 Black Cab| Maybelline Express Finish : 862 Turquoise Lagoon|  Barry M : Instant Foil Effects| Rimmel: 5 in 1 Base & Top Coat (excuse the tatty bottle..haha)  Masking tape and scissors!

Thought I'd take a sneaky shot of the colour individually with my new nail wheel (look at me, trying to look all professional!..)
Firstly I applied the base coat and had to wait about a trillion years for it to dry. Then, I applied Turquoise Lagoon, which took a while to dry because of the base coat- I always mentally moan at myself about this base coat, I think it's had it. Does anyone have any base coats they can recommend me?
Then, I cut small strips of masking tape to create the gap for the lines I would fill in with the Foil Effects. I then left these to dry for a while and peeled the masking tape off. I then repeated for the black nail varnish, this time in different places- as the picture above shows quite unsuccessfully. 

I found that leaving the nail varnish to slightly dry before peeling off left a much cleaner, sharper edge that otherwise was pulled off by the tackiness of the masking tape.

I wanted to finish off the nail with my matte top coat, but me being me, I smashed it on the floor and it went everywhere! *Mental note to self to buy a new one*

I'd like to appologise for the sparse posts, I've been quite busy the last few days and my cats poorly :( She's got a ulcer in her eye which means trips to the vets everyday watching him poke around her eye with tweezers. Very gory, very unpleasant but Bellas being a brave girlie :D haha. 

Another appology also for the shoddy quality of the pictures, at the moment I'm stuck with my rubbish broken little camera, but when my Dad's back from Manchester I shall be nabbing his camera off him ;)

More posts to come very soon, a little haul on zee way :)

Do you think you'll try out this nail look? What's your favourite nail art at the moment? 
Any suggestions for other posts? Let me know!

Thanks for reading guys!

Sam xx


  1. Such cool nail art! I really like your blog, we should follow each other xx


    1. Thanks! Checked yours out and love it, now following :) xx

  2. great post!
    I must try this out myself x

    cute blog btw xx


    Natali xox

    1. Thanks! You should give it a try, it's so simple to do :) Thanks very much xx

  3. Great nails! I love the clash of colours. I tried something similar with selotape the other week, but it ended up pulling off the under layers of nail varnish. Not a good look xx


    1. Thanks! Oh that's a bit of a pain in the bum! aha, I thought of using selotape because I thought the colours may not bleed so much! xx

  4. omg this is so nifty. i moan about my nails all the time because i always mess them up but this looks like an easier way to do them :D and I'm sorry to hear about your kitty :( i hope she's better!

    1. It's such an easier way to do them, the colour does bleed a teeny bit but nothing a bit of touching up can't help with aha :) She's a lot better now thanks! Took her a while but her eye's normal again haha bless her x


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