Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Uni Wishlist

Hey guys!
A bit of a different wishlist post today- a wishlist for my uni room!
Ok, so I know obviously that University accommodation is pretty bog standard and I'm aware this is pretty unrealistic. Although not as unrealistic as some I've seen, and definitely not as exciting as some I've seen.
Since working in Laura Ashley, I really LOVE to think of new ways I could decorate rooms. I know It's not going to be to everyone's taste, but for some reason I really really want a grey and black room. Dismal? Hmmm..

Eve Bedlinen | Laura Ashley | £65
Black Deco Cushion | Matalan  £8
velvet cushion | Matalan | £8
Black Mirror | Dunelm | £9.99
Table Lamp | Dunelm | £16.99
Plates | Dunelm |
Sign | Debenhams | £8

So there's my wishlist! Nothing particularly exciting...apart from the Macbook Pro. That's about the only unrealistic thing on the wishlist- believe it or not! With my course and my Uni, they actually give you a Macbook to use in the three years you're studying there, so you can edit films etc at home. Nothing I'm complaining about!

I'm going shopping tomorrow for the essentials and have got a feeling it's going to be an expensive shop.
I'll also be popping into Primark to buy a t-shirt for the bar crawl on Saturday night. Each halls has their own colour and mine has purple, yaay!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So jealous you get a free MacBook, that's amazing! :) xo

  2. I lived in halls for two years and i think I managed to make a good job of it.
    Some of my major tips for decorating a uni halls:
    - move stuff around, sometimes you can gain more space by moving furniture about
    - buy extra furniture. I had a bookcase through my four years and also my mum gave me an old small coffee table to use
    - use table clothes to quickly spruce up a boring room!
    - stick on hooks or hooks you can put over a door are a god send!
    - Extra lighting is usually essential.

    Good luck with uni!

    Morag x

  3. I want mcbook too :D amazing blog dear, i really like it!

    Hope you'll visit me and partecipate in my giveaway :D
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  4. Loooove that lamp. You'd have a very posh uni room compared to all other students haha



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