Thursday, 25 October 2012

OOTD (sort of)

Hey girls!
It feels so strange blogging seeing as I haven't done it in aaaages.
I've been so busy with Uni, going out and my massive life change that I haven't really had a chance to post on here.
I just thought I'd take a quick snap of what I'm wearing today. It's so awkward to take picture in my uni room so sorry there's no full length ones and they're a bit out of focus too!
Scarf | H&M | £7.99
Disco Pants | Ark Clothing | £34.99
Top | Local shop | £10

I look so moody and gormless in the second picture haha. Had to put in on here 'for the crack'. 
Been doing quite a bit of shopping recently, so fingers crossed there should be a few more posts on here soon! My room mate kindly let me borrow his camera for this :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Love the tartan scarf and red lippy! :) xo

  2. Room mate? hehehe ;) You're looking lovely as per USUAL! Bitch.
    Missing you, glad to see you're blogging again.

    Charlotte xoxo

    1. Was my room mate actually! haha. Aw cheers beautiful! Miss you tooo :(


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